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STEP 1: 

  • Choose your method of Transport, Open or Enclosed.
  • Choose your pick up or "ready date" that you would like to move your vehicle. 
  • Choose your price (if you need assistance with this, we can send you the last 5 vehicles shipped to compare) Click Here 



STEP 2: 

  • Once you've decided on the type of transport, your ready date and price, you're ready to Ship Your Vehicle.


  • Pay your flat fee $49 and list your car for thousands of drivers to dispatch.
  • You will have access to the same tools the Pro's use in the auto transport industry.
  • Pay your driver upon delivery COD.

We've taken the guesswork out of transporting your vehicle.



Save Up to Hundreds of Dollars, Guaranteed!

Why Pay More?  Brokers and Carriers charge hundreds of dollars for their services, which you can simply do yourself.  It's so easy and we're here to help you every step of the way.  Auto shipping brokers list your car on a load board, sit and wait for a driver to call them and charge you hundreds for their services.  Why not cut out the middleman and deal directly with the drivers.  Have questions? Call us at 877-505-8404 or D



Guaranteed Quality of Service

Although our name is D.I.Y. we offer shipping experts and a full customer service team to assist you with your shipment every step of the way.  We can help you price and route your vehicle to get the best results.  D.I.Y. has dedicated route specialists who are have been in the auto transport industry for a number of years who are dedicated to help you get your shipment out on time and on budget.



The Auto Transport Industry's REAL Best Price Promise

We promise to get you the best pricing on your shipment.  We will work with you to show the latest most current pricing for your shipment so you can make the best decision on pricing for your shipment.  After all, the decision as to what price you will offer to ship your vehicle is up to you.  Our shipping experts are simply here to help guide you and give you the information you need to give your shipment the best overall price and shipping time. 


Trusted by the Largest Names in the Industry


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Were there when you need us

  • Utilize the knowledge of shipping experts to move your vehicle for the lowest cost at NO additional cost.


Ranked in the TOP 1% of Carriers Nationwide

  • D.I.Y. Auto Transport and its sister companies are ranked in the top .001% in volume shipments of carriers nationwide out of 995,470 total carriers and brokers, and ranked in the top .0001% in the cars and light trucks category. 


Name your price auto shipping

Name Your Price means you will absolutely get the best deal, GUARANTEED! 



Peace of Mind

  • You can rest assured knowing your vehicle is fully covered against loss from pick up to delivery.  it doesn't matter what kind of car your transporting, we've got you covered door to door.  All our shipments include cargo insurance for your peace of mind at NO additional cost.


It's Your Decision

One of the best benefits of using DIY Auto Shipping is that, it's simply a service which you are in control of.  You will decide every aspect of shipping your vehicle. Of Course, we are here to assist you in making the best decision, but ultimately, the costs of shipping and the details of your shipment are completely up to you.